Day’s Verse:
So be very careful to love the LORD your God.
Joshua 23:11

Ian and I went to Hopkinton State Park on Sunday and walked the perimeter of the reservoir; I hoped for many beautiful fall foliage reflecting in water pictures, but had to leave my camera in its case when the batteries turned up dead. Halfway around the lake we found a pedometer registering some 10,000 steps, and amazingly it still worked. I picked it up and jiggled it: Five steps. Amazing.

The pedometer has come with me to work, and I am going to guess how many steps I walk in a day, rounding to the nearest 100 to account for the cheap thing’s inaccuracy. I will guess that I walk… oh… 10,000 steps in the day.

Update: 7,100. Right between Ian’s 5,000 and my 10,000 so we can’t bicker about it.

3 thoughts on “Like Jelly Beans, But Different

  1. That would be pretty high-tech for this pedometer, which is one of those free ones they give out at job fairs. It even says “Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates” on it like they were the people giving it out. But that would be amusing…

    Right now I’m at 1400 steps in 2 hours.

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