Day’s Verse:
Many waters cannot quench love,
Nor will rivers overflow it;
If a man were to give all the riches of his house for love,
It would be utterly despised.

Song of Solomon 8:7

Below, you will find the 300-word abstract of the novel I just wrote. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to read the synopsis and propose as many appropriate, romance-novel-esque titles as you can think of. The winner will receive a box of homemade cookies.

A smaller box of cookies will go to whoever suggests a last name for Hunter that I choose.

Summer Robertson, an obituary writer at The Seattle Herald and recent victim of her husband’s infidelity, meets Hunter LastName while base jumping for the first time with her friend Chastity Turner. She and Hunter, an old college acquaintance, start dating. At work, she applies for a job as sub-editor in the Outdoor Living section and meets Doug Anderson.

Hunter, an assistant professor at a community college, encounters Chastity as a student in his class and they immediately sleep together. Meanwhile, Summer suspects nothing. She goes on dates with Hunter and decides she loves him. They go base jumping together. Summer conforms herself more to him, but starts remembering the stronger woman she was in college.

At work, Doug interviews Summer and is undecided. He dislikes her initially, but eventually falls in love with Summer even though she’s dating Hunter. They start going running together and Summer starts to fall in love with him, but won’t admit it to herself. Also at work, Summer discovers a biotech entrepreneur’s great success is based on falsified data, and she starts working on an exposé of his crimes.

Chastity and Hunter continue to sleep together, while Hunter also takes bribes and favors from students who want a better grade. At one point, Summer suspects Chastity and Hunter’s relationship and confronts Hunter over dinner. Over dinner, a perk Hunter accepted to raise the student’s grade, Hunter denies sleeping with Chastity and Summer believes him.

At work, Summer applies for a job with The Seattle Times as an investigative journalist and receives a positive response. She also continues to work on the biotech expose and builds her at-work friendship with Doug. She turns down the sub-editor position when he offers it, a relief to both of them, because they’re falling in love and neither will consider dating a coworker.

Summer and Chastity buy lingerie together, Chastity purchasing a particularly notable pair of shoes, one of which she later leaves at Hunter’s apartment. Summer finds the shoe, confronts Hunter, and leaves him. At home, she calls Doug.

Six months later, Summer is working at The Seattle Times and finds out that Hunter died in a base jumping accident off the Space Needle. She and Doug have been dating and Doug is about to propose to her.

15 thoughts on “Romance Novel: Day 27: Title Time

  1. The best title ever, especially given the story’s ending… “Jumping to Conclusions”

    Possible last names for Hunter:
    Hunter Sliesbhag
    Hunter Q. Wickey
    Hunter Gathrer

  2. i have been reading this list of romance novel titles, and i am pretty much dying

    “its a wonderfully sexy life” that one is christmas themed

    “hard evidence”

    “forbidden merger”

    “secrets of the highwayman”

    i think your title definitely needs to play off the obituary thing.
    “till death do us part”
    or maybe just the newspaper
    paper roses
    pages of my heart
    summer news
    the sexy obituaryist

  3. Hunter Boxwright

    Hunter Cavestone

    Hunter Landsdale

    Hunter Forceshaft

    Hunter Junston

    Hunter Lipsafe

    Hunter Rydinger

    Hunter Foxcraft

    Hunter Labiaslaughterer

  4. Brent Beefchest. Big McLargeHuge. Bob Johnson… oh wait.

    As a title, I still stand by Lover’s Leap. Or possibly The Quick and the Dead?

  5. Hunter Malone
    Hunter Montague
    Hunter Strong
    Hunter Stark

    Titles: Falling Fast/Soft Landing/From the Heights/Don’t Look Down

  6. “im falling for you”

    oh an the cover can be the burning twin towers embracing each other! yesss!

    actually you and ian dressed as the twin towers embracing each other.

  7. so im basically sitting around thinking of titles which are not appropriate for your book, but would create a plotline that practically writes itself

    my favorite so far is “absinthe makes the heart grow fonder”

  8. The Height of Summer
    Look Before You Leap
    What Goes Up Must Come Down
    Ups and Downs
    Final Leap
    A Bit Too Jumpy
    End of the Hunt
    Summer’s Over
    Summer Again
    Will Summer Ever Come?
    Front Page
    Summer Leads to Fall: A Change of Seasons
    Hunter’s Conquests
    A Grave Conclusion
    Was That the Wheedle?
    Second Best
    Class Over
    What Are Friends For?

    Hunter Saltado
    Hunter Saltar
    Hunter S. Platte

  9. How about Traxsem? or Tracsem? Isnt’t that what hunters do? Enjoyed
    your novel…Congratulations on finishing….Love…Nana

    [Posted by Katie for Nana]

  10. Okay, okay, I’ll give some alternatives:

    A Chaste Summer
    A Summer of Chastity
    Chaste Summer
    The Chaste Summer
    The Summer of Chastity
    Summer, Chastity
    Chastity, Summer
    Summer, Chastity…Summer
    The Summer’s Chastity, Chastity’s Summer
    Summery Chastity
    A Chaste, Summery Chastity Summer


    The Chaste, Summery Chastity Summer

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