Day’s Verse:
“He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High; and the Lord God will give Him the throne of His father David; and He will reign over the house of Jacob forever, and His kingdom will have no end.”
Luke 1:32-33

Mom sent this to me the other day. It is so true. My coworker Brenda is Brender, my ex-coworker Erika was Eriker, the drawer is a drah; the list goes on. Also some things are called strange things: A drinking fountain is a bubbler, a grocery cart is a carriage. What the heck?

5 thoughts on “Massachusetts-Speak

  1. You need to hear this character that Kiki invented named Cheryl Favoloro. She’s a Glosstah womam livin’ down tha boulevahd with huh husbind Cahl and huh kids Donny and Anna Maria. They like ta go ova da Sudbays ‘n get a hot dog and some slush, watch the boat races and get kool-aid at wallgreen’s.

    It is priceless. The sad part is, there are people that exist that are exactly like Cheryl. I’ve tried to avoid the accent at all costs ’cause I think it sounds really awful, but I have been known to say bubbler and ‘wicked cool’. Oh and jimmies instead of chocolate sprinkles. Apparently that dates back to racist connotations but I don’t think anyone ever thinks of it. Ah new england.

  2. The accent and vocabulary, to some extent, are akin to Great Britain’s. That’s why the lack of “r’s” where they normally are and the odd addition of them where they don’t exist. And “bubbler” is the Brit term. (That’s what they say in Australia too.)

  3. My long held philosophy has been: F this “bubbler” talk. F it. Some words are incorrect. Also to be f-ed: “pop”.

    I do use wicked all the time, I picked it up at WPI…even though I never heard a single Mass resident use it!

  4. Eric, you never heard a Mass resident say wicked? whoa… that’s wicked weeahd. : )

    I wish the Massachusetts accent had stayed more true to Great Britain. I’d take that accent a hundred times over hearing someone talk about ‘goin’ to tha mall and havin’ ta pahk the cah ovah neah the makit baskit”

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