Day’?s Verse:
Now in those days a decree went out from Caesar Augustus, that a census be taken of all the inhabited earth. This was the first census taken while Quirinius was governor of Syria. And everyone was on his way to register for the census, each to his own city.
Luke 2:1-3

I got this from Rachel at Milkbreath and Me. I usually avoid lame memes like this, but hers got me wondering what I had written for the first sentence of the first post each month, and since I was looking them up, I figured I might as well post them. I also included a link for each post for context if you want.

January: Ah, 2006 – the 21st century – how futuristic it sounds.

February: My ECE professor told a story in class about how when he was a graduate student, a kid in the class he was TAing for turned in all the homework on a single roll of toilet paper (unbroken).

March: This is my opportunity to gloat.

April: Extremely contagious.

May: I took the Surveying final exam this morning, and just now found out I got a 91% on it.

June: I wanted to write about things that have happened in my life lately, but at home things seem to happen at a more leisurely pace.

July: During the weekend I kept coming up with all these clever blog titles.

August: Today I received a pair of socks through the interoffice mail.

September: Pet peeves: Cars that pass me too closely when I have no shoulder to ride in.

October: Fridays do not tend to be the best train-riding days.

November: Walking into the attorney’s office, Faith shuddered.

December: First, one piece of business.

OK, that turned out more boring and less amusing than I might have hoped. It suggests that my life might, in fact, be even more tedious and unblogworthy than I expected, but I won’t let that realization stop me from writing. At least occasionally something noteworthy happens, such as my overhearing this:

That guy is such an A-S-S-hole… [Yes, she spelled out the first three letters and said the remaining four as a word]

Does spelling half a swearword make it less swearish, or more acceptable to say in the workplace?

970.8 miles.

7 thoughts on “I Never Do These, But Here We Are

  1. I think spelling out a swearword is kind of l-a-m-e. : ) I’d just go full out. Or use a different word. Cornhole is always amusing.

  2. Seriously… if you’re gonna swear, doggone it, just swear! Don’t make it “nice” by spelling it or whispering it or abridging it. What’s the point?

  3. It still puzzles me that anyone would swear at work – seems so unprofessional. The only place I ever ran into language issues was on construction sites, but never in white collar workplaces.
    Interesting – and sad.

  4. In my opinion swearing is the sign of a small mind or an inadequate vocabulary. The first is pathetic the latter is correctable with a little effort.

  5. Of course, by golly, one alternative to swearing is to lapse into Rumsfeld-speak, and goodness gracious, that’s almost worse.

  6. I think this post makes your life seem very diverse and full. You have had alot of different experiences this past year. Very exciting.

  7. my dad used to work a white collar job and then he started working as a county engineer, but really he hangs out at construction sites all day. i think the experience is disorienting for a non native english speaker, because some times he drops an f bomb in front of my grandmother’s friends.

    on the subject of the a-s-s-hole, i think you should either go all the way or restrain yourself. the point of cursing (in my mind) is to display how upset you are about something. so if you curse all the time, then how will people know when you are really upset? and if you can only muster the courage to spell out a curse word i believe you are too tightly wound. f that s.

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