Day’?s Verse:
I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ.
Philemon 1:6*

By cold, I mean 17°F this morning.
By cold, I mean 25°F yesterday morning.
By cold, I mean 25°F with a 15-mph headwind yesterday evening.

This abrupt 50-degree drop from Saturday has proved difficult to adjust to. Fortunately it just means more layers for yours truly. Today’s outfit involved:

1 long-sleeved Underarmour shirt
A long-sleeved sweat-wicking shirt
A long-sleeved T-shirt
A windbreaker
A pair of long spandex
A pair of Gore-Tex pants
A pair of short socks
A pair of long socks
A pair of fingerless bicycling gloves
A pair of fingered Old Navy fuzzy gloves
1 ear-warming headband

With all these clothes on I look a little like an Eskimo, and yet my legs, feet, and fingers still felt like blocks of ice by the time I got to work. On the train I shivered the whole time. Riding in Worcester my teeth chattered uncontrollably. I only thawed out after taking a brief but hot shower at work. We have entered the true New England winter in temperature; now we only need a couple feet of snow on the ground topping a thick layer of ice.

We expect warmer weekend weather, though. Everybody you talk to says, “If this is global warming, it’?s not so bad!” But this is probably not global warming, according to NPR, and it may be doing more harm than good.

*Story behind this verse: I happened to have my Bible open to Titus (Philemon is on the next page and thus visible) this morning when a QA auditor dropped by. He saw it and said, “Oh, Philemon, I love that book.” He then pointed the Verse of the Day out to me.

4 thoughts on “COLD

  1. Yeah, cool story about the Verse of the Day.

    It’s 26deg right now in Bellevue. Been this cold for 3 days now. Welcome to winter!

    (How do you make the little degree mark in a comment?)

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