Day’?s Verse:
He is the radiance of His glory and the exact representation of His nature, and upholds all things by the word of His power
Hebrews 1:3

I ran across today’?s title in a report I worked on. What the heck?

Also, drinking a glass of water I had not that much left so I thought I could fit it all in my mouth, with disastrous results. How much water do you think a person could fit uncomfortably in the mouth? Comfortably?

When I was younger we measured the dog’?s water-drinking ability. If I recall correctly, she laps water at about 2 mL per slurp. I always assumed I have a much better water-drinking capacity than the dog, but now (after my unfortunate too-much-water incident) I will have to run some actual tests.

Help me out by expanding my n from 1 to lots by seeing how much water YOU can fit in your mouth. I will report back my result, at least, shortly.

9 thoughts on “Running Curves in Singlicate

  1. For me, a “typical” mouthful is just 1.5 oz! A “large”, but still comfortable mouthful (drinking from a glass kitchen 2-cup measuring cup) is 2.5 oz. The most I was able to take in without untoward spitting and choking was 4 oz.

    I myself have had the same experience you describe, resulting in water or coffee or whatever all over my face. That’s what beards are for.

  2. My results so far:

    I comfortably fit about 2 oz in my mouth. Uncomfortably I fit about 3 oz in my mouth.

    Ian comfortably fit 2 oz and uncomfortably fit 3.5 oz.

    Mom uncomfortably fit between 3 and 4 oz (1/2 to 1/3 of a cup).

  3. Well, I couldn’t quite get 1/3 of a cup in my mouth. But maybe it was just because I felt like I might choke if I tried more.

  4. Relating to your office compadres astonishment with your riding in cold weather:
    It’s amazing what people will comment on in an office situation. For example, I often eat lunch at 11:30am, earlier than anyone else in my office. So, when I started working there, people would see me reheating my leftovers in the microwave and say “Lunch already?” Okay, yeah, the first time it sparked conversations about my frequent/peckish eating habits. But now two years later, I still occasionally get the same comment from the same people. Usually I just don’t respond or I say “No,” which confuses them.

  5. I don’t know if this is allowed but I have a question I would like to post. How often do you check your phone messages. Because I sometimes end up getting one crap message that I know I dont want to listen to so I wont check my phone messages for several days. I checked my voicemail today and I had 7 messages including two from people that want to set up interviews with me. Stupid Darren.

  6. Don’t feel bad Darren, I do the exact same thing. So if I don’t respond to your voice mail it’s probably because I’m avoiding some other message, not yours.

  7. Lacking a demarcated container, I filled a 591-mL (20 fl oz) bottle to the brim and counted how many mouthfuls it took to empty it. The result: 8 large-but-not-too-uncomfortable mouthfuls, or about 74 mL (2.5 fl oz) per gulp.

    This conversation is a great opener for a “big mouth” joke. In unrelated news, ask me about the best line of chemistry innuendo ever.

  8. Colleen: What is the best line of chemistry innuendo ever?

    Darren: I have a message that a friend left me…I think it was last Friday, and I still haven’t listened to it. So you’re not alone by any means.

    All: Come on! The results are probably skewed because only people genetically related to me or Ian have tried the test. All we’ve established is that my and Ian’s family can fit between 2 and 3 oz of water comfortably in our mouths. What about genetically unrelated populations? Help me out here!

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