Day’?s Verse:
Do not let your speech cause you to sin…
Ecclesiastes 5:6

“If you just want to look thin, then maybe dieting is enough,” Bell said. “But if you want to actually be healthy, then exercise has to be an important component of your lifestyle.” –From a Seattle Times article (link here) reporting that thin, sedentary people store fat internally and can be “thin on the outside, fat on the inside.” Just one more good reason to participate in…

May 18, 2007

Speaking of bikes, I just waxed my bike. Two layers. Now it gleams even more than before, and I feel like it is protected. Like my head, with a helmet on.

One thought on “Thin on the Outside, Fat on the Inside

  1. I read that one. Interesting. They didn’t really say what percentage of thin people have too much fat internally.

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