Day’?s Verse:
Be pleased, O Lord, to save me;
O Lord, come quickly to help me.

Psalm 40:13

Me and BikeGlobal warming is happening — another good reason to

May 18, 2007

Actually the link I posted has some excellent answers to many common questions or concerns about global warming. If you’ve ever thought that global warming might actually be a nice change in your cold climate, or you’ve heard Antarctica is warming up and that’s confused you, or you figure that it’s way too late anyway and your little part won’t make a difference, or if you’ve had two dozen other questions about it, check the article out. There’s good science presented in an understandable way to confirm, once again, that we all need to go out and buy EnergyStar lightbulbs, buy local foods, stop driving our cars, move to within 10 miles of work, and BIKE TO WORK.

I wore my helmet to work today, a walking advertisement for Bike to Work Day. Got lots of comments and questions, so the moral of the story is: Embarrassment works for advertising.

Regarding the bikini comments: I used this picture on Bike to Work Day posters I put up around work. One chemist asked me if I was going to dress that way on Bike to Work Day, and I told her that at least drivers would certainly notice me if I did ride in the buff!

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