Day’?s Verse:
Who is like the wise man?
Who knows the explanation of things?
Wisdom brightens a man’s face and changes its hard appearance.


I recently started reading Jurassic Park again, and I just got to the part where Ian Malcolm gets bitten by the Tyrannosaurs rex. They also just realized that instead of eight velociraptors, they have 37 — naturally, the scariest, nastiest critter propagated the most. Nedry recently got eaten by the poison-spitting dino. All this makes me wonder:

Why, why, why would somebody even consider bringing back huge, vicious, smart predators from the past?

Sure, do some cute cuddly little (or big) herbivores, but honestly, multi-ton carnivores from the past that would require rockets to kill them? Great plan. I also thought it would be interesting if the book had been written with today’?s technology. For instance, they have this elaborate motion-sensing way of counting dinosaurs; surely now we have RFID tags, or GPS satellites, or something that would work better than that.

On a different topic, yesterday I found a 1998 penny on the train. What were you doing in 1998?

2 thoughts on “The Dinosaurs are Running Wild

  1. In 1998, I was meeting my best friend that I’d spend the next 3 years with, and discovering the chat room I would spend the next 2 years in, and spending time with both.

  2. In 1998 I was either in the second half of 8th grade or the first half of 9th grade depending on the month. So let’s say at this time in 1998, I was most likely in dress rehearsals for a musical or had just finished it, had a big crush on a boy I never got a chance with, wore my favorite pair of blue Nike cross trainers, took piano lessons, and was preparing for my first personal exhibit in an art museum.

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