Day’?s Verse:
The race is not to the swift
or the battle to the strong,
nor does food come to the wise
or wealth to the brilliant
or favor to the learned;
but time and chance happen to them all.

Ecclesiastes 9:11

First CrocusIn some spare time at work, I looked up bicycling overuse injuries just for giggles this afternoon, and came across this table:

Risk Factors for Bicycle-Related Injuries

Cyclist is male.

Cyclist is nine to 14 years of age.

Cycling in the summer.

Cycling in late afternoon or early evening.

Cyclist does not wear helmet.

Motor vehicle involved.

The table came from this delightfully informative article, written by a doctor, which talks about causes of trauma injuries in bicycling. Reading it, though, sure does make a person disinclined ever to get near a bike, especially when the author so coolly and clinically writes things like,

…the saddle and seat-post may cause genital and rectal injuries if the rider crashes, and landing on the handlebars in a crash can cause visceral and vascular penetration.


Injuries to the facial region include eye trauma from airborne objects such as dust, insects or debris, as well as facial soft tissue injuries and fractures.

and, of course,

The combination of chafing, sweating and tight clothing can cause groin irritation with perineal folliculitis or maceration of the perineal skin. In male cyclists, compression of the dorsal branch of the pudendal nerve between the pubic symphysis and the bicycle seat, as well as the cavernous nerve can cause numbness and tingling of the penis and scrotum, and occasionally impotence.


I can hardly wait to get out in that 90° weather and ride home tonight…

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  1. what does one say to that? really.

    I do think that the flower photo is a lovely accompaniment, however.

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