Day’?s Verse:
A man finds joy in giving an apt reply–
how good is a timely word!

Proverbs 15:23

Patriotic LanternsIn college, I always thought that the working world was boring. My vast experience has more or less borne this assumption out, but a couple of oddities have brought at least some amusement. Consider:

MacQuan file folder name: MacDaddy
Database name: Debra (affectionately called Little Debbie)
Database name: Watson
Phrase in a five-year-old report: stability is ongoing and will be reported in XXX00001YY… Suuuure, I bet it’?s still going on after five years.

I also got the summer’?s first free ice cream yesterday (Dove Bar with almonds), and today for lunch I had two free pieces of pizza and half a muffin. Not bad for the stingiest company I’?ve ever heard of. Granted it’?s the finest ever, but free is free.

With the arrival of free ice cream, the discussion of calories, fat, and Oh-I-really-shouldn’?t-indulge-but-I-will-anyways started up again. The women in our group simply cannot eat ice cream without this enormous burden of guilt settling like a few extra pounds around their hips. I, on the other hand, enjoyed my Dove Bar to the hilt, licked every last vestige if chocolate and ice cream from the handle, and felt zero guilt about it. The way I see it, we might as well enjoy the ice creamy moment; you never know if it might be your last. You could become suddenly lactose intolerant! Or, worse, allergic to chocolate!

2 thoughts on “Weirdly-Named Work Things

  1. when my dad was 45 he developed an allergy to strawberries. i live in fear of inheriting an adult onset strawberry allergy. i can take out a whole carton of strawberries in one sitting. gotta eat em while i can. one day i may only have the memories. or i will still have the strawberries but i will have gained hives and a swollen esophagus.

  2. this is like a full week of no updates. am i going to have to write you a letter? stamps are like 75 cents now. maybe i can still afford post cards.

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