Zebra Lady

Day’?s Verse:
Again Jesus said, “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.”
John 20:21

Google sunriseImagine a woman, average height, overweight enough to carry some significant rolls around her stomach and notable wobble around the arms and legs. Years of cigarettes have imparted a uniquely leathery look to her skin, as if she spent most of her life hanging with the hams in a smokehouse. She has bleached her exhausted, brittle hair platinum blonde. She appears to favor animal-print clothing, or clothing made of animal skins — particularly the fringe-heavy, black-dyed leather favored by Harley enthusiasts. In the pool, however, she prefers a leopard-print wraparound, zebra-striped towel, Laura Schlesinger books, suntan oil, and a truly indescribable leopard-print bikini that emphasizes her impossibly gigantic boobs. While tanning, she listens to a station that enthusiastically plays such classics as “Tainted Love.” Continue Reading >>