Day’?s Verse:


Words. We use ’?em every day and don’?t give them a second thought. All too often, though, we don’?t even give them a first thought. When I read dialogue in a book, the people talk with silly, inhuman-sounding turns of phrase and always begin their sentences with the listener’?s name:

Well, Charles, I hypothesize that the phenomena you so recently observed results from a combination of the interaction between solar energy and X-rays, and the highly reflective properties of — if, Charles, I may make so bold — your grease-rimed, spotty visage. I trust I may make so bold?

Maybe if we all tried to talk in book-style sentences, we would start thinking about what we said rather than simply spouting off.

Driving from Shrewsbury with my boss and a coworker down Route 9, we found ourselves snarled in traffic. A person on our right suddenly discovered he needed to move left, preferably directly into the same patch of road we occupied. As he did so, my coworker, sitting in the passenger seat, muttered “Idiot.” Funny thing, though: I doubt the man in the merging car was an idiot, per se.

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