Day’?s Verse:
I, wisdom, dwell together with prudence;
I possess knowledge and discretion.

Proverbs 8:12

Yikes. That picture, seriously. If I needed to be convinced that radiation is bad for you, this alone would do it for me.

Work is depressingly quiet lately. I come in, complete everything on my schedule for the day by noon, and spend the rest of the day waiting for 5:00. A few months ago work buried me up to my neck; now, I would trade a week of boring days for one in that contained enough work for an eight-hour day. At first I enjoyed the lull, but this lull has lasted for months, and I’?m ready for a challenge. The sitting around, no longer a rest, is dulling the edge I developed while having to juggle six things at once. If Ian and I didn’?t plan on migrating back to Washington by spring of 2009, I would be on the hunt for a new job as we speak. But it’?s only another couple years, and I’?m OK with staying at CRL that long. Free ice cream makes all the difference. Call it a bribe, but I’?ll take it.

Oh. Also, this is my new favorite spot online.

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