Day’?s Verse:
But to one who does not work, but believes in Him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is credited as righteousness…
Romans 4:5

That’s right, sports fans, this week I broke the 100-mile barrier. On Monday I started at 1,032 miles on my new bike; by Friday morning I passed 1,133 miles. Now, many bicyclists have achieved this feat, and I intend to repeat it weekly indefinitely from now on, but this first time has left me with a happy glow of achievement… and an amazingly insatiable appetite. I talked to Dad, who knows what it feels like to run 50 miles in a week, and he told me that when he worked out that hard, he ate virtually all the time. I’ve lost a little weight since starting the 20-mile round-trip commute to Westborough every day, which suggests I need to consume more calories generally. I’ll admit I’m not too excited about this, but at the same time it is nice to know I really can eat anything I want.

Friday afternoon I didn’t ride because Ian picked me up at 3:50. We went and saw Stardust, which turned out much less crowded on opening day than we expected. In fact, for the 4:20 showing, we walked into the rather small theater at 4:15 and found only about a half-dozen rows with anybody in them at all. Despite its underwhelming popularity, Ian and I really enjoyed it. We enjoyed it, but found it also had a few cleverer amusing points, too. We will probably buy it on DVD when it comes out. Then we went to Nancy Chang for delicious Chinese food.

We got home about 9:00, and I slept like a rock most of the night, a delightful change — due, I think, to the fact that all day the temperature hovered around 55°, and our apartment cooled off more in that 24 hours than it has in weeks. What a relief! Even so, after a morning of vigorous chores (three loads of laundry! toilet scrubbing! dishes! etc.!), I fell asleep about 4:00 and woke up feeling rather dopey around 6:00. So I guess I could still use more sleep after all. On the bright side, I bought a new bike light on this tax-free weekend, and at the bike shop the sales guy told me that he finds chocolate milkshakes are the perfect recovery food after a long bike ride. I think I can handle that!

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