Day’?s Verse:
…people brought to him all who were ill with various diseases, those suffering severe pain, the demon-possessed, those having seizures, and the paralyzed, and he healed them.
Matthew 4:23-25

This morning, purely by accident, I discovered a whole new way to inflict extreme pain on myself. In closing a floor-level cabinet door, I accidentally inserted my ankle between the corner of said door and its alloted location. This brought the corner into sharp contact with a spot approximately one inch directly above my ankle-bone on the inside, right where I can see a fairly large blood vessel beneath the skin. Now, for those of you with corner-banging experience, you know that the pointy part of any door in swift contact with any body part, especially a bony body part, only spells pain and suffering. This particular spot, however, proved not just an average amount of painful. When I hit my ankle with that door, my entire lower leg and foot were immediately overrun with agonizing, unbearable pain such that I sat down on the floor, cradled the injured limb in my lap, and cried. I cannot remember the last time I wept over an injury, but I unashamedly admit that even minutes later my eyes remained teary. It really hurt. Really, really hurt. Ten minutes later, the burning had subsided enough in my shin that I tentatively stood up, and found myself able to make pancakes. Even so, it took over an hour for the agony to fade away completely. Now, hours later, the spot hardly looks injured at all (although when I poke it, it feels quite bruised). There must be some nerve close to the surface there, because let me tell you — I felt less pain when I was hit by a car, for the sake of pete!

On a different topic, I wish I could write lab reports for Peeps Research.

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3 thoughts on “What an Interesting Pain You’ve Discovered!

  1. As a scientist at heart, I must admit that this Peeps research site is one of my all time favorites. The combination of rigorous experimental design, detailed observations, and delightfully tongue-in-cheek technical writing makes me laugh anew no matter how many times I visit this web site.
    As for the photo you have included in your journal,Katie, it seems to be a Casablanca moment: “Here’s looking at you, kid!”

  2. While Peeps Research conducted a solubility experiment with good technique, they documented poorly. Notice that they did not report the concentration of the acid or base.

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