Day’?s Verse:
There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven…
Ecclesiastes 3:1 (context)

Last LeafI have decided that I would like to work part-time, on a seasonal schedule. I would work a normal 40-hour-a-week schedule six months of the year starting in October and ending in May. Then I would take the remaining six months of the year off, to do whatever I like. Alternatively, a person could work three months in the summer, take off the fall, work the other three months in the winter, and take off the spring. I think this type of rolling schedule would produce employees who were contented, relaxed, and more efficient at their jobs.

Speaking of efficient, I sent this email to my high-up manager yesterday:

Now that we’re doing more report writing (not just formatting), I find myself constantly doing tasks that would be much more efficient if I had two monitors. I often compare the protocol/LM/other PDFs to the draft I’m writing, for instance, or write an email with needing to refer to RPM, or similar activities that require lots of switching back and forth between many windows. Darrell has an extra monitor that he’s not using right now, and he’s said that I can have it; however, I will need a computer upgrade to be able to use Darrell’s monitor. Do you think it would be possible to get me set up with two monitors? Having a second monitor would help make me more efficient. I would be happy to talk directly with IT about this with your permission.

She replied:

I have talked to IT and we have several options. We should discuss as a Department. You brought up some good points that others may benefit from as well.

I can’t tell based on her reply if I will ever actually get a second monitor, but at least it sounded generally positive.

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2 thoughts on “A Season for Everything

  1. Don’t count on anything. That sounds like the kind of stock reply you get told when nothing is going to actually happen.

  2. Don’t let it drop. Bring it up at whatever meetings you might have as a group and/or give it a few weeks and email her again.

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