Day’?s Verse:
The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you.
Romans 16:20

SETTING: Pinecroft Restaurant, a group of four friends, IAN, KATIE, DARREN, and NORA making the all-important ice cream flavor decision. All four hold menus, scrutinizing them and discussing the options.

KATIE: [Reading from menu] Frozen pudding? What’s that?
NORA: [Excited] Oh I’ve had it before, it’s really great! It’s like chocolate ice cream, but thicker. It’s basically frozen chocolate pudding.
KATIE: That sounds good, I’ll try that.
WAITRESS: Have you guys decided?
IAN: I’ll have the Brownie Fantastic.
NORA: I’d like a slice of blueberry pie with bear claw ice cream.
KATIE: [Confidently] I’ll have the frozen pudding, please.
WAITRESS: [Writes down orders and leaves] OK.

A few minutes later, the WAITRESS arrives with a bowl of pastel-yellow ice cream studded with darker-colored splotches. She places it in front of KATIE and leaves.

KATIE: [Surprised, looks at NORA] Chocolate ice cream, huh?
NORA: [Shrugs] The frozen pudding I had was…

KATIE tries a small scoop of the ice cream. Expressions of surprise, puzzlement, and revulsion cross her face as her friends watch avidly. She tries another scoop, including what looks like an orange candied piece of fruit. The same expressions, but stronger, cross her face again.

KATIE: Whew. This is AWFUL. Want to try some?
IAN: [Tentatively takes scoop from KATIE] OK…

IAN tentatively mouths the ice cream. Expressions of surprise, puzzlement, and revulsion cross his face as her friends watch avidly.

IAN: Wow, that is awful! It tastes like… like..
KATIE: How is this pudding?
DARREN: It’s more like bread pudding.
NORA: Or fruit cake.
KATIE and IAN: That’s exactly what it is!
KATIE: It’s fruit cake ice cream. Oh my gosh. [Gingerly scoops out more frozen, candied, faux-fruit bits and drops them into her empty water glass.]
WAITRESS: [Passing by] Is that not what you were expecting?
KATIE: Well… er…
WAITRESS: Because honestly I was surprised when you ordered it. Normally only people over 70 order that.
KATIE: [Thinking to herself] So much is explained!
WAITRESS: Would you like something else?
KATIE: Well, um, yes. Could I have a scoop of bear claw instead?

WAITRESS leaves. The four friends animatedly discuss the idea of fruit cake ice cream, and what crazy person might enjoy such a horrific concoction. WAITRESS returns with a bowl of chocolate ice cream studded with chocolate-covered nut bits and caramel swirls. KATIE accepts it happily.


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7 thoughts on “Worst Ice Cream Flavor Ever

  1. Oh no!! They have that flavor at Richardson’s which often sends their ice cream to a bunch of different shops. Not sure if this place had that kind, but I remember seeing it on a menu and being like “ooh frozen pudding. that must be like chocolate pudding but frozen!” then come to find out it’s got candied fruit and raisins and God knows what else in it.

    A description from the Richardson’s website: “Rum Based Ice Cream With Raisins, Pineapples, Maraschino Cherries, Apples, And Peaches (Don?t Knock It Till You Try It)”


  2. I think Pinecroft makes their own ice cream there, but that’s the exact flavor I had. I’m not one to turn up my nose at ice cream, or dessert at all for that matter, but let me tell you — if it was a question of eating that ice cream or eating nothing, I’d take nothing.

    That vs. brussel sprouts would be a little harder…

  3. eek! I’ve never worked up the guts to try that flavor. I should ask for a taste sometime and see how long I can hold back making my ‘ick’ face. Kind of like every time I’ve ever tried a drop of alcohol. Well, I guess there’s alcohol in this ice cream, so it’d be a double whammy of wincing! haha

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