Day’?s Verse:
The last enemy that will be abolished is death.
1 Cor 15:26

Last Thursday I drove in to work and arrived about 7:00, which gave me LOTS of time to do some housekeeping. I stole some cleaning wipes from the cube next door and began cleaning all flat surfaces with a Lysol-inspired vengeance (or perhaps just the fumes started getting to me after a while). Part of this cleaning involved scrubbing my keyboard, which still bore the filth of its previous owner on those most-used keys — E, space bar, enter, home row. At the same time, I decided to disinfect my phone, since I have heard that phones collect germs like a miser collects pennies. So I diligently wiped my phone down, and somehow along the way turned the ringer up far too loud. Now every time my phone rings, I jump and twitch and wish I had just let the germs thrive on my phone. The good news is that I got my keyboard almost totally free of grime and dirt, eradicating the last disgusting memories of my unpleasant departed coworker.

[Update]: My boss just showed me the magical turn-down button on my phone. Hooray! Saved from weeks of phone-ringing fear!

*2,000-calorie diet. I haven’t eaten at that level for a while now.

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  1. Did you read the part where I said I stole it from my next-door cube-mate? He lives less than a mile from work but still drives his car, so Lysol wipes are perfectly in keeping with him.

    I personally only ever use water and paper towels, but those don’t exactly disinfect by themselves, and soaping up a phone or keyboard doesn’t sound like a winning proposition to me.

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