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Today we’re moving from Worcester to Shrewsbury. I say moving, rather than moved, because here we are at noon in Shrewsbury with no sign of our computers or boxed up stuff. Our cubes don’t even have chairs (fine by me, since I have an exercise ball I sit on, and a coworker kindly brought that in her car for me), or anything really. They do have windows, which is actually a little odd, because you end up seeing the person in the cube next to you or you see the hallway with people walking by. I think that may turn out to be rather distracting. Also, the phones come with a twenty-page manual, they email you when you get a message, and one of the help options is called Phone Recently Rebooted. When you talk about rebooting a phone…

I rode my bike to the new facility. Ian and I found a route only 3 miles longer than what I rode to the Westborough commuter rail station — I ride the exact route I did before, plus three miles. Lately it’s taken me about 45 minutes to ride my 10 miles, hardly a spectacular speed. The extra three miles brought me to a round hour of bike commuting this morning, mainly because of HILLS! My goodness me, the uphill between the train station and the Shrewsbury facility felt gruelling. Then again, any upwards incline tends to feel exhausting with the majority of the ride behind me, and last night I also rode up a very long, slow grade for several miles on the way from work (my last day in Worcester) to our life group in Holden. I do know I had enough downhill for a while to let me recover,

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