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…therefore, we ourselves speak proudly of you among the churches of God for your perseverance and faith in the midst of all your persecutions and afflictions which you endure.
2 Thess 1:4

Since moving to Marlborough, Ian and I have driven by Stephen Anthony’?s, a nice-looking restaurant — there’?s something about the year-round Christmas lights lining the roof, I think, that gives it a high-class look — with the amusing address of 999 Boston Post Road. We discussed taking our parents when they visited, but it never happened. We intended to go ourselves, and STILL it never happened. Finally, this last weekend, we bit the bullet, dressed nicely, and presented ourselves there at 7:00.

Underwhelming, I think, describes our first, second, and third impressions. However, our visit to this restaurant did round out the list of Frozen In Time Eateries to three:

  1. Pinecroft Restaurant: Frequented primarily by the over 70 crowd, this restaurant offers countertop dining reminiscent of the 1950s. Apparently run by teenage sisters with amazing hair. The very cool mural painted along all the interior walls cannot, alas, redeem its hideous drop ceiling. It has delicious ice cream, which makes up for its mediocre food.
  2. Millbrook Restaurant: The tip-off for this restaurant is a sign you see when you walk in:

    Do Not Bring Oxygen Into Smoking Section

    The dim atmosphere of this eatery fails to hide its 1970s decor; its historic prices redeem the food, which you could buy in the freezer section of a grocery store. Our waitress, a somewhat preserved 60-year-old, took her time and the rolls arrived well-refrigerated. Minivans with special wheelchair lifts and Buick land-yachts populate the parking lot during this restaurant’s extremely limited business hours (not open weekday evenings?!)

  3. Stephen Anthony’s: Originally we placed the decor at 1960, but since the restaurant has only existed since 1984… The drop-ceilings, featured in the previous two restaurants as well, combined with low booths and random prints on the walls give this place a frozen-in-time feel. If you visit the web site, it matches the restaurant perfectly. This prose (from the web site) gives a good sense of the Stephen Anthony feel:

    Stephen Anthony’s has been in operation since 1984 and has become an extremely popular restaurant. …Hundreds of visitors come each year to visit this very popular area.

    If by “extremely popular” they mean “half full at 7:00 on a Saturday night,” I suppose that qualifies. Although I’m still not convinced that hundreds of visitors per year = very popular.

However, our dinner at Stephen Anthony’s marks a huge change in my life: I ordered ham. I cannot honestly remember the last time I ordered a non-fish, non-vegetarian meal while eating out. The ham, which proved delicious, came with a sweet potato, a small dish of cinnamon (?) butter, a large dish of fantastic apple sauce, and a lightly-burned biscuit. A little to my surprise (although I was less surprised than Ian, who ordered a 10-oz steak and received a 14-oz steak), I quite enjoyed it.

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5 thoughts on “Time Machine Restaurants

  1. I love the “hundreds of visitors per year” claim – why, that must mean they get at least ONE customer every day or two! You and Ian put them over their quota for the week!
    Here’s a secret for you:
    Joe & Colleen & I have actually eaten at Stephen Anthony’s. We stopped there on our way “home” to Natick one day when we were visiting for your graduations. 🙂 We were duly impressed by the huge parking lot and tiny clientele. Also, there were swans in the marshy/pond area out back and we were seated by a back window where we had a nice view of the birds. It certainly did not feel like the 80s to us, either. Maybe the owners bought all the fixtures from another establishment that was closing?

  2. Mom, you’ve BEEN THERE and you never told us?! I don’t know you anymore.

    Marty, I don’t know, Finders Pub seems to achieve a kind of eclecticism (?) that these other places don’t have. It’s not awkward at Finders Pub, just odd.

    Nora, next time you’re here. It’s a date.

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