Day’?s Verse:
But you walked away from your first love — why? What’s going on with you, anyway? Do you have any idea how far you’ve fallen? A Lucifer fall!
Revelation 2:4-5

If I never see another snowflake out my window first thing in the morning, I would live a perfectly happy life — possibly even a happier life than one punctuated all too frequently with huge snow dumps like this one, which we’re still getting now:

More Snow

Yesterday we knew snow was on its way, so we decided to take advantage of the sunny, clear weather by taking a walk in our long-neglected favorite local park, Hopkinton State Park. Afterwards we warmed up at Kennedy’?s Pub with some unexpectedly interesting dinner.

One of the pictures below is of something I did not see our walk. Everything else, though, is genuine Hopkinton material.


Floating Traffic Cone


Waiting for Spring

Shy Dino

Hopkinton State Park

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KF quality

5 thoughts on “I Spy With My Little Camera

  1. not to gloat or anything, but it is so awesome not to be in massachusetts. i think while i was there i was trying to pretend like the weather was livable, but was i trying to kid? on the plus side, they are pretty good at clearing the roads.

  2. its funny. the other day, when it was snowing, my heart cried out, “i love the snow. it’s so pretty.” for the so-cal native, this was not expected although i am happy. but i wanted to say that the last time we talked, which was some time ago, you had mentioned that you hadn’t been spending as much time as you like doing one of your favorite hobbies. i’m glad to see you’ve picked up your camera again. 🙂

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