Day’?s Verse:
I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you a door that no one can shut. I know you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and not denied my name.
Revelation 3:8

After six or nine months of sitting unlocked outside our apartment, Ian’s old bike was finally stolen on Tuesday. We made a police report, but in our hearts we gave the poor old thing up for lost, which is sad, because we wanted to donate it to Bikes Not Bombs. Instead we donated $100, which is certainly orders of magnitude more than the bike was worth.

Pre-spring weather made an appearance earlier this week, with 50-degree temperatures and torrential rain. I spent the whole day smiling from the opportunity to ride without worrying about slipping on ice.

I had a Westborough cop radar-gun me as I rode by. Fortunately, I was only riding at about 19 mph, so I didn’t have to get a speeding ticket. Apparently they can pick up even a small target like me.

A little girl in her daddy’s backpack smiled and waved at me as I rode by last night. I smiled and waved back.

Our favorite ice cream place, Uhlman’s, opened yesterday. A gigantic OPEN flag, a surprising number of parked cars in the parking lot, and open slider-windows all proclaimed this happy fact. Ian and I have agreed to resume our patronage as soon as possible.

Riding along yesterday evening, I suddenly found myself pedaling with one foot as my left pedal unscrewed from the crank — but remained clipped into my shoe! Sitting there looking at the pedal still attached to my foot was an extremely strange experience. When I stepped on the pedal, it released, and I screwed it back onto my bike. The whole rest of the ride I kept checking my left foot, paranoid that it would randomly come disconnected again.

I hope to soon switch from Charlotte, the studded-tire mountain bike monstrosity, to the much zippier Davey. First I need to feel confident that snow and ice have disappeared for the season. Second the towns need to get their acts together and clean up all the CRAP they have spread on the roads for the last six months. Only 3 months, 21 days remain until my MS Bike ride (Please donate and help me reach my goal of $750 in fund raising!), just enough time to whip into 75-mile-a -day shape. I hope to do most of that whipping on my fast bike.

That is all.

Please help me raise money for the MS Bike Tour Cape Cod Getaway. Donate today on my MS Participant page.

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