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Amen. Come, Lord Jesus. The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God’s people. Amen.
Revelation 22:20-21

How do people still afford to drive Hummers? Or superfluous SUVs, pick-up trucks, or minivans, for that matter?

[Bike talk]
Spurred on by a mysterious flat (these always happen in the rear. Why do front tires never get flats?), I upgraded my tires yesterday. When I called to ask about the tires, they asked, “Will you be self-installing these?” Surprised, I said, “Of course.”

Only later did I realize my mistake.

Putting on a pair of new tires doesn’t sound like it should be a huge ordeal, yet my first two fingers on both hands and both thumbs remain painfully rug-burned. I switched to what are supposed to be excellent puncture-resistant tires, Continental Ultra Gatorskins, which Rick at Frank’s Spoke ‘n’ Wheel told me would “last a week short of forever.” I certainly hope so, at that price ($40 each). Besides, if I do get a flat with these, I doubt I’d be able to remove the tire, let alone get it back on without serious help.

As it turns out, these tires are notorious for their difficulty. People on the bike forum I read also seem to have mixed experiences with these — some ride for years without flats; others complain that riding on these produced more flats than usual. I hope this decision doesn’t come back to bite me.
[/Bike talk]

Lastly, what is it about spring and a sudden market increase in roadkill? I don’t think squirrels hibernate, but it seems that all of a sudden dozens of squirrel carcasses appear on the roads where before I saw only a few. Also I have added rabbits to the list of roadkill I’ve seen, which makes me kind of sad. I don’t see squirrels as so much of a loss as a rabbit. Possums I feel no sadness for at all — I just wish they wouldn’t die on places in the road where I’d like to ride. Skunks are worst of all, and they get back at you for days or weeks after they die by stinking even worse than the average rotting roadkill.

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3 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces

  1. even if if squirrels dont hibernate, they still lay low. plus now there are (or soon will be) a bunch of baby squirrels to feed

  2. I think Nora has the idea… remember the old Bambi animated movie? This is the time of year that animals get “twitterpated.” In that state, I doubt they are looking for vehicles. But what a way to go… 🙂

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