Day’s Verse:
My counsel is this: Live freely, animated and motivated by God’s Spirit.
Galatians 5:16


When people go outside to exercise, a woman is more likely to walk, and choose to go with a friend. A man, on the other hand, is more likely to go running by himself — or, alternatively, join a woman in a walk.

An exception for men: Taking a dog out for a walk. Men often seem to walk dogs alone, while women with dogs may appear alone or with a companion.

I have no empirical evidence to back this hypothesis up, but my informal observations of pedestrians this spring seem to support it. I will start watching more carefully in the future. Have you noticed anything that might support or refute my hypothesis?

Work has gotten all of a sudden crazy. I signed six — I think — final reports today and shipped a couple of draft reports in there too. In between times I prepped several more final reports that didn’t get signed for one reason or another. This is the kind of day that I actually enjoy: Keeping just this side of insanely busy all day. The challenge of balancing all the details keeps me engaged and sharp, and I find that I often do very good work under those conditions. When I have less work to do, all the work I do have takes longer. What might take 15 minutes today stretches to 30 or even 45, since nothing else really needs doing afterwards. I don’t mean that I’d like every day to be this crazy, but these types of days keep me alive and kicking in a way that most days don’t.

Then, too I got to leave and play in the warm sunshine for 20 miles. What more could I ask for?

Bike talk.What a beautiful day this afternoon! I left work later than usual — work suddenly ratcheted into a fever pitch yesterday and today — and intended to take my 20-mile ride tomorrow instead. But as I left and started riding, the sunny warmth and novelty of shorts and a short-sleeved jersey, both long absent, seduced me into simply meandering along back roads I knew. It ended up right close to 20 miles anyway. I expect that as the weather improves (it’s still right around freezing every morning, alas) I’ll find taking longer rides more enjoyable. And riding Davey is always a pleasure.

Especially when I just paid $170 MORE to replace my brake pads and front chainrings. Turns out that disc brakes last twice as long as regular brakes, but they’re at least twice as expensive to replace. Also I don’t know how to do those, so I paid for labor too — yikes. However, since I had no brake pad left on my rear brake, and since the front one had started emitting a banshee-howl when I used it more than extremely lightly, I decided that skimping on the brakes probably wouldn’t win me any prizes. It’s still frustrating to have put 1/3 of his original purchase price back into getting Davey ready to roll for the spring.

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3 thoughts on “A Hypothesis

  1. I went for a run at the West Boylston/Holden rail trail on Wednesday and saw two middle-aged men meeting up to run. They both looked like very serious runners. (Not important but interesting side note- They both drove ridiculously expensive cars.)

  2. If you wanted a really good survey location for your hypothesis, the trail around Greenlake would be it. I’ve seen every possible combination there.

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