Reflections on Gas Prices

Day’?s Verse:
When the religious leaders saw the outrageous things he was doing, and heard all the children running and shouting through the Temple, “Hosanna to David’s Son!” they were up in arms and took him to task. “Do you hear what these children are saying?” Jesus said, “Yes, I hear them. And haven’t you read in God’s Word, ‘From the mouths of children and babies I’ll furnish a place of praise’?”
Matthew 21:15-16

“Gas prices are outrageous!” Lately, you hear this from every side: Coworkers who commute long distances bemoan their $700-per-month gasoline payments; churchgoers sigh miserably at the cost of filling up a 20-gallon minivan tank; ladies in the bathrooms exclaim indignantly being cut off at the pump for the first (but not last) time ever; heck, you could stop random people on the street and have a complete conversation with them about gas prices. Continue Reading >>