Day’s Verse:
Blessed is he
whose transgressions are forgiven,
whose sins are covered.

Psalm 32:1

The weather predicted 0% chance of rain for today. No clouds in the sky when I left. Yet, despite these fair indicators, I arrived at work sprinkled and slightly damp. How, you may ask, could this happen?

Two words: Wayward sprinkler.

That’s right. The empty building I ride by on my bike ride —

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— has sprinklers going every morning when I come by. Setting aside the question that may come to mind (“Why would an empty building need perfectly green grass?”), I still have to wonder why they spend all that money and energy to sprinkle the road, rather than the grass. The road doesn’t seem any lusher or more verdant, despite their diligent daily watering regimen.

Unfortunately, today (43°F when I left) I arrived just at the apogee of the sprinkler’s arc so that the sprinkler covered the entire lane. Because of an unlikely confluence of vehicles behind me, I had the distinct displeasure of riding right through the sprinkler-induced rain. Sadly, I don’t seem to have derived any benefits from the rising any more than the road did.

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2 thoughts on “Sprinklesome Adventure

  1. theres an empty building that used to belong to lucent technologies that i pass on the way to church. it was one of those sprawling campuses, so theres a lot of lawn. they mow up to about 6 feet in from the road, and they harvest the rest of the grass for hay!

  2. Honestly, Katie, it seems that the dousing was worthwhile if for no reason other than to give you a chance to drop the word “apogee” into a posting!

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