Day’s Verse:
Praise the LORD.
Praise the LORD from the heavens,
praise him in the heights above.

Praise him, all his angels,
praise him, all his heavenly hosts.

Praise him, sun and moon,
praise him, all you shining stars.

Psalm 148:1-3

Landry’s gave me two free carbon bottle cages. When they wheeled the complete finished bike out, they had decked her out with a pair of red bows to match.

Artemis Name

Artemis Stays

All Lit Up

Artemis 2

She is a beautiful bike, and I anticipate many, many happy miles with her… after I get over the residual expectation that she’ll feel and ride like Davey. I can hardly wait to go out for another ride with her! Tomorrow I’m going to go find some hills, and Sunday I’ll be riding to church (Ian has slide duty), and of course Monday is the Tour de Landry’s, for which we now have a route. Apparently I can download this route to my Garmin, and have the map with me on the ride. Too bad it probably won’t keep us (me and Artemis, of course!) from getting lost anyway. Who knows? Maybe Artemis has a better sense of direction than Davey did.

KF quality

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