Day’s Verse:
Give thanks to the LORD for He is good;
His love endures forever.

Psalm 107:1

I burned my English muffin this morning. Fortunately not in the Oh my goodness, flames! sense, but a very large volume of smoke pouring from the toaster oven surprised me when I turned around to check on my breakfast. The kitchen fan didn’t seem to do justice to the amount of smoke, but I didn’t want to open the windows to let in the 27° air, either. Fortunately the smoke did not reach our smoke alarms and the little kitchen fan, working diligently, did successfully reduce the haze somewhat. After that I decided to give up on the charcoal briquettes in the toaster oven and go with cereal instead. Less likely to burn down the apartment.

When I got to work, I opened my bag and immediately got a snoot full of charred toast smell. In that short time the smoke had seeped into my clothes. I feel like I have a little smoky miasma floating behind me as I walk around the building.

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