Day’s Verse:
Nevertheless, in Your great compassion You did not make an end of them or forsake them,
For You are a gracious and compassionate God.

Nehmiah 9:31

“I’m experiencing a sensation altogether new to me — and frankly, I like it.” In fact, I don’t like it, but the sensation is altogether new to me. I have no memory of ever contracting the true influenza virus before; my previous flu experiences all err on the gastrointestinal distress side, rather than the actual flu. Now, however, I continue to have the memorable experience of suffering from an influenza similar to the type that struck in the 1918 pandemic.

It feels like having the first day of a horrible cold…five days in a row (so far), with the addition of aching everywhere, especially in my eyes and the back of my head. It was a very distinctive feeling. Before I started taking serious doses of Tylenol, I had a fever that spiked up to 103.8°F, rather impressive for an adult. Now, on Day 2 of Serious Tylenol Cold Consumption, I have no fever but I ache most places in a low-grade way, and my throat — which was agonizingly sore Friday night and into Saturday — has stopped hurting but my nose now plays host to more germs than I care to think about. I keep blowing or nasal cleansing them out, but alas, my efforts continue to remain a step behind my microscopic but multitudinous enemies.

Ian has taken care of me by waking me up at 1:30 am to take drugs and drink water, as well as bringing me whatever I want — which, unfortunately, is not much. Too bad I only have him at my beck and call when I don’t feel like becking or calling. In any case, we’re both staying home from church today. I will continue on the massive doses of Tylenol, but I have low expectations about my ability to make it to work at all next week. The good news is that I now know the best way to cover my cough, so when I do go back to work, I can spare my coworkers that risk of infection.

Thinking about it, though, I probably acted as a fabulous vector for spreading the flu last Thursday and Friday. Good thing most of my coworkers got the free flu vaccine… and too bad I didn’t.

Well, all this typing has tired me out. Time for some Tylenol and a nap.

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  1. Never had a flu shot and never plan too,it is almost never for the flu strain you get,just fight it off as you are doing,important thing is rest,so no bike riding or work for at least till Thursday.maybe the whole week off is the best, please take care of yourself,put you foot down Ian,for her health’s sake Grandma

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