Day’s Verse:
My soul finds rest in God alone;
my salvation comes from him.
He alone is my rock and my salvation;
he is my fortress, I will never be shaken.

Psalm 62:1-2

What a week for new experiences! First I ride in the super-cold; then I have a spoke emergency; and now today I filled out an accident report at work for the first time.

Today I fell like a little old lady. My flip-flop hit a patch of water on the perfectly-waxed tile floor in a hallway at work and I found myself unceremoniously on the ground. Happily, unlike in a little old lady’s fall, I broke nothing and hopped back up easily enough; the only injury I sustained was a pretty decent whack to my knee (which hardly deserves it and has suffered more than its share of damage over the years). This whack swelled up and turned a delightful red. When I finally got myself up off the floor, I obtained paper towels and sopped up the water. When my boss heard I had slipped, she urged me to fill out an accident report, which provides an official record for if my knee turned out to have serious damage as a result of my fall. I suppose that, even though I have whacked myself worse running into corners of cabinets, filing the report couldn’t hurt. So I did. It involved filling out a detailed form and explaining the accident to some relatively high-up guy. That’s what I call loads of fun.

In fact, it was lmost as much fun as riding to work today in hiking boots with normal pedals and toe clips. I am beta testing the hiking boots as alternative bad-weather footwear. This morning’s 33°F drizzle and good deep puddles provided excellent test conditions. All my best attempts to soak my feet failed, even when I resorted to riding through deep, deep puddles. My toes remained happy and pink no matter what I did. I expect tonight, with mixed snow and rain, to allow me to continue with the rigorous beta test.

These hiking boots combined with the massively studded snow tires give me the feeling that I could tackle anything the winter might throw at me. Heck, with hiking boots I could walk to work with my bike in tow if I had to.


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