Day’s Verse:
Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ.
Romans 10:17

Yesterday, a surprise appeared in our mailbox amidst the Comcast ads and magazines for local community college night classes.
In the Mail

Inside the envelope, I found only this:
In the Envelope

The inner package was sealed with red wax, impressed with the words WORLD’S SMALLEST LETTER.
In the Envelope 1

Closer examination of the inner package revealed what looked like a tiny envelope (and some mysterious lumpy things) inside.
In the Envelope 2

Opening the inner package revealed the mysterious lump to be a 10x magnifying glass, which shared the package with the tiny letter (itself sealed with a little drop of wax and carefully encased in a larger piece of plastic-and-cardboard) and a little notecard.
In the Inner Envelope

When removed from its protective covering, the letter proved very tiny indeed.
Tiny Letter

Looking carefully, I could see that it had my name and address, the sender’s name and address, and even a tiny, stamp post-marked WSPS (World’s Smallest Postal Service) in the upper right-hand corner. On the back, the tiny drop of sealing wax was stamped with a little dinky R, the sender’s last initial.
Tiny Letter 2

And here is the tiny letter, contained within the tiny envelope. My only disappointment was that, unlike those grains of rice with your name written on them, this was a typed, rather than handwritten, letter. The microscopic size and remarkable attention to detail, however, more than make up for that slight oversight.
The Actual Letter

Thank you, Nora! What a lot of fun encased all in one little letter!

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