Day’s Verse:
[Love] …keeps no record of wrongs.
1 Cor 13:5 (I know I did this yesterday, but it is so perfect for today!)

Some of you may recall that Christmas of 2007, I shipped my bike back to Seattle so I could ride during our time there. At the time, I wrote a triumphant blog on the fabulous deal we got from DHL. Their price was notably cheaper than the next-closest price, and significantly cheaper than the average price.

What I never mentioned was that, a few months later, we got a bill from DHL. They had undercharged us, and we owed them $8.20. At the time I felt rather disgruntled: It was their mistake; why would we be obliged rectify it? On top of which, I felt irritated because I might have used a shipper with a better reputation, except that the DHL price was so amazingly appealing. In any case, I grumbled some but we ended up writing an $8.20 check and mailing it off, just to make it go away.

We thought that paying their additional bill ended the story, and so it seemed for the last year. Now, however, DHL is shutting down their domestic shipping arm. I guess they’re going through their books again, because…drumroll please…we just got a bill from a collection agency (!!) for $8.20.

DHL thinks we never paid in the first place!

Fortunately, we can easily obtain a copy of the canceled check from the bank. But now we have to ensure that this erroneous collection agency issue doesn’t end up on our credit report — that would be particularly onerous since we paid promptly a year ago, even though I don’t think we necessarily should have owed DHL anything. In any case, collection agency and Ferguson family should never share a sentence.

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3 thoughts on “Why I Will Never Use DHL Again

  1. i remember that blog post. my brother shipped a computer through them and THEY lost the record of the insurance and refused to reimburse more than 50 dollars when THEY lost his computer full of personal information. i suspect this is why they are shutting down the domestic operation.

  2. Yeah, they are pretty lousy. But do they think international people won’t notice their lousiness or something? Why would shipping only internationally help??

  3. i think there are a whole different set of people running that operation, so its possible that it is not as horrible. or that abroad, people have lower standards for mail delivery.

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