Day’s Verse:
The LORD is close to the brokenhearted
and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

Psalm 34:18
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Life has been pretty rough lately. Since Grandpa Sullivan passed away two weeks ago — or perhaps even earlier, since the layoffs in mid-February — I have been on a stormy emotional ocean, buffeted here and there without any real say in the matter. First down into a trough with the news about Grandpa; I never had a really good cry about that. The work week was highly stressful and I forced myself to keep functioning. Then, just a week after that, we flew out to California for an emotional high point: Colleen and Jordan’s wedding! Time to be happy! And I was… but I also burst into tears when I forgot to put a bag in the overhead bin, a massive overreaction I ascribe to all the strong emotions swirling everywhere. When we got back from California, we found out that Ian was immediately starting shift work — another major low. I burst into tears again at life group last night and, after Ian left for work (at 9:00 pm, which is just not right), significantly dampened a good number of Kleenexes. The bed felt really big with only me in it. This morning I woke up, not to Ian’s watch, but to my nasty alarm clock.

In short, the last month or so has been almost exactly like dipping into high school emotions all over again. I’m used to equilibrium, maintaining a pretty even keel, and this up and down is killing me.

Thus I will be presenting a series of cheerful photos from my Flickr archives, which I recently regained access to thanks to going Pro. Here is the photo for today:


KF quality

2 thoughts on “At Sea Without a Paddle

  1. Katie,
    I am so sorry you have been having such a rough month. In my experience,the best way to get off the “roller coaster” is to have a private “pity party”…Scream as loud as you can (you might need to cover your face with a pillow to prevent the arrival of the police) have a good cry and then wash your face (it will be ugly and blotchy)and be glad the rest of the day has got to be better than THAT!

    Seriously, I know you will be lonely for Ian…How long will he be on the night shift?

    Love you…Nana

  2. I completely understand the feeling of being hit from every side. These are refining times; pruning, but growth and fruit-bearing times. Love you!

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