Day’s Verse:
I can do everything through him who gives me strength.
Philippians 4:13
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I wore long sleeves on my 50-mile ride today because the temperature never got over 53°F, and I rode into a steady headwind most of the way, which kept me plenty cool. Fairly early on I rolled the sleeves up a little bit (I wore a wool shirt, which doesn’t stretch much, so rolling it up to short sleeve length was out of the question). After that adjustment I felt comfortable and left it alone.

On a 50-odd degree day in April, who expects to need sunblock? But this evening I noticed that I have a stupid-looking souvenir with which to start the cycling season.

Dumb Burn

The picture doesn’t show it, but the burn only extends around the tops of my arms. The bottom remains as pasty white as always, a classy touch to a real classy burn.

On the bright side (ha, ha) I highly recommend the mile or two of Route 56 that goes along the romantically-named Kettlebrook Reservoir Nos. 4, 3, and 2 — this was one of the most beautiful stretches of road I’ve encountered in Massachusetts, and the memory of it sustained me on the many miserable miles I forged through relentless 10-mph headwinds.

KF quality

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