Day’s Verse:
I am worn out calling for help;
my throat is parched.
My eyes fail,
looking for my God.

Psalm 69:3
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Dino Cuteness!

I am have felt grumpy and out of sorts the last few days. Grr.

I baked and ate cookies for dinner last night. They are oatmeal raisin chocolate chip almond cookies, and turned out pretty darn well despite the cook’s grumpiness.

As a result of this picture (you can see my eyes!) I got my sunglasses tinted darker yesterday — they now have a 20% tint all the time, and then will darken more in bright sunlight. I hope they aren’t too dark for riding at night.

My new chain lasted one month. I bought it March 21 and replaced it 1,000 miles later on April 23. Having ridden on the new new chain for a few days now, I think the cassette needs replacing too. This would be the fourth chain for that cassette, and at about 1,000 miles per chain, I think it’s just too worn. This will make my fifth trip to the bike shop since last Friday. I’m bringing them some of the cookies. Bribery always works.

I really like my Hill Slug jersey.

I saw 3 tennis balls in one ride, but didn’t retrieve any of them. Last year I mailed a dozen or so off to Carmel and after that Mom and Dad asked me to stop. They said they were drowning in tennis balls.

I weigh 108 lbs. Does that mean that I physically cannot put more than 108 lbs of pressure into my tires using a floor pump?

That is all for now.

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2 thoughts on “More Random Things

  1. Tire pressure is pounds per square inch. If your 108 pounds was divided over one square inch, then that is all the tire pressure you would be able to generate. However, if your weight is divided over a fraction of an inch (which is probably the case), then you can generate more than 108 pounds of tire pressure.

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