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Day’s Verse:
So we Your people and the sheep of Your pasture
Will give thanks to You forever;
To all generations we will tell of Your praise.

Psalm 79:13
Please help me raise money for the MS Bike Tour Cape Cod Getaway. Donate today on my MS Participant page.

In fact, it is National Bike to Work Day — I didn’t just invent this or something — so people all over the country will be riding to work today. In the Seattle area, literally thousands of people will bike to work. In Boston, they have a festival and police escort on specific routes and giveaways and all manner of fun things. Alas, since I commute away from Boston, I won’t have the chance to take advantage of that. I will, however, be riding to work, as will Ian. He has agreed to risk the possible rain this morning and support me by biking to work today, too. Check out your local Bike to Work Day events consider joining the festivities!

And, before you hop in your car to gas guzzle your way to work, think of this: If Ian is biking to work, why can’t you? (If you don’t have work to bike to, try biking to your errands.)

Happy Biking!

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