Day’s Verse:
Doing, not hearing, is what makes the difference with God.
Romans 2:~13
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Sweat + sunblock + 80 miles by bike =
Post-Ride Legs
Yes, that is dirt and pollen, not a really grainy tan. Most of it washed off in the shower, although it took several washings. Mmmm, bike legs.


Ian as Wiggles McClown of the Clan McClown during the Family Experience church (For any who want to see the video, click here, then click the “On Demand” button, then go to “Sunday Morning Services at FC”, scroll down to the bottom and watch the videos titled “Family Experience”).
Ian as Wiggles McClown 1

Church teens dancing to one of the songs during the Family Experience.
Song & Dance


Thinking hard about Romans 1 and 2.
Bible Study


Little wooden cars Ian’s grandpa made him years ago.
Mini Wooden Cars 2

KF quality

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