Day’s Verse:
Shout your praises to God, everybody!
Let loose and sing! Strike up the band!

Psalm 98:4
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A couple weeks ago, some guys I was riding with recommended a restaurant called Nancy’s Airfield Cafe. I’d ridden by it before; it makes its home at the Stow Minute Man Airfield, fairly far from everything. These guys swore that the food was worth the trip, so on Friday Ian and I ventured out to give it a try.

Nancy's Airfield Cafe

You drive up, and lo and behold: Airplanes!

Stow Minute Man Airfield

Not exceptionally surprising, really, since it is a little airport. Most of them had covers over the windows and the place actually seemed pretty dead, probably because the heavy clouds only cleared up towards evening.

Nancy had decorated the interior with a combination of airplane-themed things and lots of decorative stars, vines, and Christmas lights. The uniqueness felt real, totally unlike the faux-unique ambiance that hits you when you walk into a TGI Friday’s. Nancy’s had personality because a real person — Nancy — has loved and invested in this place, and it reflects that.

Nancy's Airfield Cafe - Inside

We were seated almost immediately; although it was 6:00 on a Friday evening, a good portion of the restaurant remained empty. I think they get more people for breakfast and lunch. We sat next to picture windows looking out on the airfield and the rolling, green hills beyond; while waiting for our truly fabulous food to arrive, we had the pleasure of watching this contraption take off into the wild blue yonder.

Nancy's Airfield Cafe - Ambiance

We started with hummus (that still had whole chick peas studding it here and there) and toasted pita bread, which was excellent. Then Ian had steak with grilled vegetables and brown rice while I enjoyed a Mediterranean-ish ravioli in a white sage sauce. We finished with an apple berry cobbler topped with wonderfully soft, melting ice cream. We spent the entire meal rhapsodizing over the food (most of it from local farms), the ambiance, and the location. The whole place gave off an indefinable aura that will certainly draw us back again. I look forward to trying breakfast and lunch there in the future. It was, in a word, wonderful.

Airfield Sunflower

KF quality

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