Day’s Verse:
For God is sheer beauty,
all-generous in love,
loyal always and ever.

Psalm 100:5
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ToesThis month seems perfect for grass-growing: Cool, drizzly days interspersed with warm, sunshiny days. As a result, we have an absolute bumper crop of grass. I’ve never seen grass grow the way it is this year — not just sprouting those tall seed-pod tendrils, but leafy bits generally growing out of control, too. My company, which has more than its fair share of grassy space around it, has axed landscaping in an effort to cut costs. Cutting costs, you might say, means not cutting lawns. Now a small child could vanish in the grass around our building.

I pass a field every day that has grown from stubble to grass well above my knee, and probably closer to my waist, since spring started. The field, far from having a boring monoculture appearance, offers a rather interesting varied or mottled look, darker here and lighter there, depending on what kind of grass grows where. Other grass-like plants also shot up there, but everything remains about the same (impressive) height, giving the entire surface area the appearance of a patchwork quilt thrown across the land. A savvy botanist could infer the pH and wetness of the soil based on that patchwork, but I just enjoy riding by as the rising sun glints off sparkling dew droplets, turning the field into an emerald.

Even though walking through grass makes me itch and raises my tick paranoia to previously-unknown heights, I still love the cool air flowing off the grass, the restfulness of the green hills and valleys, the sound of crickets chirping, the smell of a freshly-mown lawn.

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