Day’s Verse:
I lift up my eyes to the hills—
where does my help come from?

My help comes from the LORD,
the Maker of heaven and earth.

Psalm 122:1-2

Which may just say something about me, but here it is:

This morning I ate 4 donut holes: 2 jelly-filled, 1 powdered sugar, and 1 glazed. Then, out of curiosity, I went to the Dunkin’ Donuts donut nutrition page (if having “donut” and “nutrition” in close proximity like that isn’t a complete oxymoron) and looked up the calorie content of my donut hole snack.

Results: 60 calories each for the jelly-filled, 60 calories for the powdered sugar, and 50 calories for the glazed. That’s a grand total of 230 calories consumed in the space of perhaps 30 seconds.

How does this compare to eating a normal donut straight? Well, a simple glazed donut contains 220 calories, but who eats those? I like the Boston creme donuts, which weigh in at 280 calories each, or the jelly-filled donuts (260 calories each).

Clearly, I can reasonably estimate that I ate about 1 donut’s-worth of calories in four donut holes, but did I get a donut’s-worth of enjoyment? I don’t think so. There’s something intangibly more satisfying about eating a donut than eating four little bite-sized donut holes. Maybe I’m just a donut girl at heart, but to me a few little bites can never equal a whole donut in satisfaction.

Note: I know this post probably sounds stupid and frivolous, because it is. That’s not to say serious things aren’t happening; they are, but I can’t talk about them on my blog. We’ll stick with the donut holes until I can say more.

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3 thoughts on “I Find This Mind-Boggling

  1. Perhaps using toothpicks to connect the four donut holes together would provide a more satisfactory experience? 😉

  2. Once a person ventures into the Dunkin’ Donuts link you provide, there are even stranger questions to ponder. For instance, imagine the ingredients for a “Pressed Cuban Sandwich”! :O

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