Day’s Verse:
Lift up your hands in the sanctuary
and praise the LORD.

Psalm 134:2

Actually, no hijinks. I just said that because it sounds exciting.

In reality, I stayed home from work on Friday because, most unfairly, I was coming down with a summer cold. Waking up at 5:30 I felt completely miserable and dreary and my nose had apparently converted overnight into a leaking faucet. During the course of the day I took two naps and watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (part of our plan to watch all the Harry Potter movies before seeing the newest one, a plan only partly spoiled by the fact the first Harry Potter movie was so scratched no DVD player could read it). We also walked through the pouring thunderstorm-rain to the Reebok outlet to obtain a non-falling apart pair of exercise shoes for Ian and then stopped at the glasses place to finish getting my glasses repaired. Along the way I took the picture from yesterday, along with this:
Wet White Flower
and a few other pictures. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that Ian gave me my anniversary gift early: We had the car detailed. It now glitters with cleanliness. I actually had to retrieve the car from the detailing place in the afternoon, and as I rode my bike over there I got caught in a huge, tremendous thunderstorm that drenched me to the bone instantly. Frazzled by that, I accidentally left my wallet at the car place when I drove home.

Saturday I felt somewhat better, although my nose continued to drip persistently, and the sun had come out. We executed Plan Picnic, in which we did lots of errands: We retrieved my wallet, dropped off some blueberry pound cake at Landry’s, obtained our weekly CSA share, and did our main grocery shopping for the week. Once we got home, we immediately packed up our bikes and rode over the the Grist Mill for a picnic and afternoon of sitting in the shade. Here are some pictures from the little jaunt.

Here is the spot:
Picnic Spot

Views from the spot we picked:
View 1 from Picnic Spot

View 3 from Picnic Spot

View 2 from Picnic Spot

Mostly we sat and read our books; I took a nap (of course) and then wandered around and took some pictures.
Mill Stream Sparkling


Bridge Reflection

Creek Portrait

KF quality

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