Day’s Verse:
Say to wisdom, “You are my sister,”
and call understanding your kinsman…

Proverbs 7:4

Stage 1:
Get up and clean the apartment.
Gather up necessities for staying overnight away from home.
Gather up bike riding necessities.
Make a plan for food.
Obtain food.
Pack up car.

Stage 2:
Drive to Adams, MA.
Park at the Ashuwillticook Rail Trail trailhead.
Ride to the far end of the trail.
Get soaked with rain (courtesy of Tropical Storm Danny).
Ride back to the car.
Dry off with towels.

Stage 3:
Drive to Lanesborough, MA.
Park at the Lanesborough Country Inn.
Take hot showers/baths (enjoying the whirlpool bath tub) and dry off.
Go see the new Harry Potter movie.
Veg out.

Stage 4:
Wake up.
Pack up car.
Try to find a church that has a service around 9:00 am.
Attend the church.
Fail to find a church.

Stage 5:
Drive to Easthampton, MA.
Park at the Manhan Rail Trail trailhead.
Ride to the end of the trail.
Ride back to the car.

Stage 6:
Drive home.
Put away necessities for staying overnight away from home.
Put away bike riding necessities.
Resume normal life.

See you tomorrow evening!

PS – This is not a comprehensive list and is not in any way intended to a Methods-quality description of our actions. I know some of you, being science heads, will naturally notice and feel almost compelled to mention any holes in my plan. No need to point out any half-completed actions I forgot to mention.

PPS – I didn’t mention “blow nose,” but that’s what I’ve been doing every 30 seconds or so all morning. I’ve never had allergies before, but this summer I’ll wake up and spend the entire morning sneezing and blowing my nose. Some days are worse than others. Today is a Very Bad Day, possibly an entire Kleenex box day. When I get a real doctor (whenever that may be), I should get allergy testing. This is pretty miserable.

KF quality

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