Day’s Verse:
In his heart a man plans his course,
but the LORD determines his steps.

Proverbs 16:9

Today I learned that eating a hefty serving of apple crisp 45 minutes before riding home is generally not a good idea.

But boy was the apple crisp delicious. It contained granny smith apples, raspberries from our CSA, and lots of brown sugar. Next time I think I’ll put oats in the topping as well as flour. I would say it was worth it even if I did feel a little queasy on the ride.

On a more serious note… There are so many high-stress things happening in my life right now, I hardly know which end is up. My work has dramatically picked up, so that my weekly schedule would keep at me plus two other people busy; and, meanwhile, the senior medical writer who I work closely with is off on vacation for two weeks. This leaves me not exactly on my own, but perilously close to having to do Everything Myself. Today my boss stopped by in the afternoon and asked if I would be willing to work overtime this week to get everything done. Overtime has been strictly forbidden for hourly employees since our layoffs in February, so that she is getting upper management’s permission for me to put extra time in is a serious indication that I have an inhuman amount of work to finish before Friday at noon.

Why noon? Because from Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon I’m going on a church women’s retreat in Vermont. I really hope it’s worth it, but now I’m afraid I’ll just feel the weight of all my other neglected responsibilities dragging at me. What other responsibilities?, you may ask. Well, the primary one is continuing the massive cleaning of our apartment. Secondarily, Ian and I are going to Florida in the first week of October, and we have to prepare and plan for that. Tertiarily (if that’s a word), I have financial decisions to make about my bike and how much more money to spend on it. Quaternarily (definitely not a word), a zillion other stress-inducing things that I can’t talk about yet but that feel like a million wasps hovering just overhead, waiting to all come zooming in for the kill at once.

Sometimes I wish I could just let mommy take care of everything again.

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One thought on “Apple Crisp + Homeward Commute = Urrrggghhh

  1. This is your earthly mommy piping in. I, too, still wish at times that I could let MY mommy take care of everything again. I think your feelings right now are fairly universal, and our God is there with you every moment to be your ever-present mommy, not just your heavenly daddy. Thanks goodness!

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