In Which I Haul Lots of Boxes on a Bicycle

Day’s Verse:
An honest answer
is like a kiss on the lips.

Proverbs 24:26

I rode the Xtracycle to work today because I had to drop off a couple small-but-heavy boxes of books at the post office on the way to work. By the way, if you want any of the books we’re getting rid of, check this list and email me. Please take some books!

Anyway, when I get to work I find myself with my Xtracycle , intended for hauling things, and a room full of boxes I’ve been hoarding in my bike room.

Clearly this was a match made in heaven. Here’s what I ended up bringing home. This was just me circling the parking lot so Ian could take pictures, but I really did ride all the way from work to home like this, including a stop at the grocery store for a gallon of milk. I rode very slowly and received quite a number of astonished looks from drivers. Continue Reading >>