Day’s Verse:
Better one handful with tranquillity
than two handfuls with toil
and chasing after the wind.

Ecclesiastes 4:6

SNOW! In the forecast for tonight/tomorrow morning. Snow before Halloween is extremely unusual, but we have had a much colder October than last year; I don’t recall even getting below freezing much in recent years, where this year that’s become the norm quite early. I remember last November when I voted, it was 40°F. I suspect by this November lows in the 40s will be a fading memory.

There are distinct advantages to not being forced to get somewhere every day at a certain time: Tomorrow I can wait and do my bike ride when the snow melts (I am optimistically assuming it WILL melt). Give me 44°F and raining over snowy any day. …Which is what I can expect to do every day for much of the winter once I move to Seattle.

Now, however, I refuse to put studded tires on my bike just for one snowy spurt. I just hope the nor’easter forecast goes somewhere else or something, because practicing instant turns and quick stops on wet or slushy pavement, and going for long test rides that involve lots of standing around discussing roads and maneuvers, is not going to be real fun. I also find the prospect of the sitting around doing other stuff indoors for hours while wearing damp clothes rather unappealing. I’ll have to bring a change of clothes, or maybe two, for the LCI seminar. And maybe a towel.

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