Day’s Verse:
And that’s it. Eventually God will bring everything that we do out into the open and judge it according to its hidden intent, whether it’s good or evil.
Ecclesiastes 12:14

Today we packed the U-Haul.

That statement also means that we:

  1. Obtained the U-Haul (after I walked Gary over to the nearest Starbucks so he could get his morning java)
  2. Decided not to get any insurance (so we really have to not hit anything)
  3. Fitted 62 of the 63 boxes into the U-Haul (and almost immediately began noticing anxiously about how small a 10-foot U-Haul truck really is)
  4. Also squeezed in the puffy chair, my desk, a large dresser, three small shelf units, Artemis (in her box), and Charlotte (as disassembled as possible, which involved obtaining a wrench, interesting since ours is packed), plus a ton of small miscellaneous stuff that kept appearing
  5. Walked up and down the stairs carrying/maneuvering heavy boxes and furniture
  6. Had to make the painful but necessary decision to leave the 20-year-old loveseat with ottoman that we got from my parents for free, a small desk, and a coffee table behind (space considerations, alas…I’m sad about the small desk)

We pretty much finished up by 1:30 or 2:00 in the afternoon and, after lunch, spent a couple hours reading and relaxing after our arduous morning. Then Ian and I went to Price Chopper for food and Gary went to Starbucks for more coffee. Now, as my last dinner in the Avalon Orchards apartment complex, we’re making baked potatoes (once-baked, due to time and kitchen equipment constraints).

Walking downtown for Starbucks this morning and to Price Chopper this afternoon, I kept thinking, “This is the last time I will ever do this.” It is very strange.

Here is what the living room looked like after we had almost finished clearing it out:
Our Living Room Today

So long, apartment number 8, and thanks for all the fish.

KF quality

2 thoughts on “Packing the U-Haul

  1. Praying for your SAFE, non-collision, trip back to Kirkland. Hope you and Gary have some fun adventures along the way and will be anxiously waiting to hear all about it.

    God Bless…


  2. Alas, our childhood furniture will finally pass from our families’ hands, never to be torn apart by a hungry dog again.

    Can’t wait to see you guys again! Enjoy the lovely, rainy Washington fall!

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