Supernatural Novel: Day 6

Day’s Verse:
“If you consent and obey,
You will eat the best of the land…”

Isaiah 1:19

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I have reorganized the story so that the journal entries and present-day events are more evenly interspersed. If it seems like some things are out of order or missing, that’s why. This post follows immediately after we leave Tristan on the bus to his French class.


Still feeling moody and misunderstood, Tristan stepped off his last bus of the evening. He had gotten to French late, the students had all glared at him, and then the professor had singled him out and demanded that Tristan explain his tardiness—in perfect French, of course. Fortunately, Tristan studied diligently and provided his explanation in passable French, earning no accolades but no scorn, either. Continue Reading >>