Supernatural Novel: Day 8

Day’s Verse:
The LORD arises to contend,
And stands to judge the people.

Isaiah 3:13

“Yes, right in front of everybody.” Drawing herself up, Kim patted her hair – still smooth – and shook her shoulders to straighten her pull-over. “Just watch me.”

They did, gazing in awe and disbelief as Kim strode over to the jocks’ table. Serena half-stood as if to stop Kim, but sat back down as Kim strode purposefully across the cafeteria.

Austin sat at the head of a long table, holding court like a king over the lesser football, basketball, and soccer players. Most of the boys wore their purple-and-white letterman jackets, proudly displaying their athletic prowess and not so subtly competing with one another for badges. As she drew near, Kim could make out Austin’s loud, deep voice saying, “…and next season I expect to be playing for Harvard or Yale. Of course that’s just a stepping stone to the NFL…” Continue Reading >>