Day’s Verse:
I long to dwell in your tent forever
and take refuge in the shelter of your wings.

Psalm 61:4

I was planning on riding my bike to the AmeriCorps meeting I have in Port Townsend today. It should have been a lovely 35-mile ride along the Olympic Peninsula coastline, through Port Ludlow and Port Gamble along quieter country roads. I have been looking forward to this ride for quite a while, imagining myself riding along with a couple other AmeriCorps guys, enjoying the sunshine and sea air.

I’m sure it would’ve been nice… if the torrential rain had held off another day. As it was, the pouring, drenching, unremitting rain came right on schedule and made me think more than twice about the ride. At first I resolved to do it, but I checked the weather and the radar showed heavy rain over my entire route. The weather man predicts a 90% chance of rain all day. I don’t mind riding in the rain, but arriving soaking wet, cold, and miserable in Port Townsend to then spend the day doing AmeriCorps activities and finish up by camping overnight… brrr. I would have spent the entire day damp and miserable.

Besides all that, Ian and I got possession of our house yesterday evening and today, despite the rain, is moving day. We have to get our stuff out of the storage unit before Monday or pay for another month. The free storage unit truck was available today, so today it is. I’d like to be here, if not today (it’ll be hard to get back from Port Townsend at a reasonable hour), at least tomorrow morning.

Last night Ian and I did a quick walk-through of our new home (!!) and found that, in addition to everything we expected to get with the house, we also inherited:

  • 7 front door keys
  • 2 back door keys
  • 2 garage door openers (that have 3 buttons each — why would you need 3 buttons?! It’s either open or closed, right?)
  • A bunch of hot tub chemicals
  • A large stack of instructions on how to use and maintain the hot tub and various other appliances
  • 3 large round light bulbs for the bathroom lighting fixtures (which I intend to replace ASAP)
  • A bunch of solar-powered LED garden lights
  • A dirty but usable hand truck
  • 2 hoses
  • 2 moldy tennis balls (I brought them back to my parents’ house for the dog and she loved them. Stinky, rotten, easy to shred, all-round vile? Perfect!)
  • A thermometer
  • A net for the hot tub
  • Lots of touch-up paint in well-labeled cans

In all, I’d really like to just be available to help with the house this weekend, and riding to Port Townsend, camping there overnight, etc. just doesn’t fit into the plan that well. I don’t like my AmeriCorps buddies enough to give up helping to move into my new home for them.

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